Art With Leilani

Art Classes in Auckland for Children and Adults

Doing artwork is not just good for developing a sense of accomplishment and self-expression, but it also strengthens the ability to plan, organise and solve problems.

Art classes, dates and details

We mostly work on A3 size paper or card, but occasionally will work on A4 size. Depending on the progress of the we will endeavour to finish projects in time.


36 Battersby Avenue, Mount Roskill, Auckland ( Holiday workshops )

Blockhouse Bay Community Center ( Term programme )


Contact Leilani for terms dates
7 – 9 weeks per term


10:00am – 11:30am (Adult session)
3:30pm – 5pm (Tuesday afternoon session)


Please contact Leilani regarding cost for term payments or holiday workshops.

Age Group

5 – 12 Years old

Term Projects and Holiday Workshops

Term 1

Project Focus on Art
Drawing with graphite pencils Line, shadow and light
Picture with oil pastels Famous Artist: Kadjinsky
Acrylic painting Colour and blending of colour
Tissue bleeding techniques Desgin
Batik technique Patterns


Come and experience the fun of painting in bright Water Colour and Acrylic Paint

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

$20 for 2 hours  –  including all materials

Workshop 1  (Monday 15 April 2019 ) :  Learn about water colour technique while painting a landscape on A3 paper.

Workshop 2 ( Tuesday 16 April 2019 ) : Learning about colours (shades and tints ) while painting on canvas using Acrylic paint.

Contact Leilani for bookings at 022 680 5389



                                            Learn more about the beauty of soft pastels and oil pastels this holiday.

36 Battersby Avenue, Mount Roskill

10:30 am to 11:30 am

$10 per session  –  including all materials

Workshop 1  (Tuesday 9th of July 2019 ) :  Learn about soft pastels and blending while creating a galaxy on A3 paper.

Workshop 2 ( Friday 12th of July 2019 ) : Learning about the three colour rule, doing shades and tints with oil pastels on A3 paper.

Contact Leilani for bookings at 022 680 5389 


Term 3

Project Focus on Art
Drawing with charcoal Line, shadow and light
Collage with various papers Design, Landscape
Coloured Pencil Art Colour and blending of colour
Acrylic painting on acrylic paper Technique and texture
Geometric Art Design
Watercolour painting Technique
Positive and negative designs Positive and negative space


Get Started!

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